Getting Around Bangkok

Traveling by Train

One way of going around Bangkok is by train, you can ride the BTS Skytrain which covers downtown Bangkok and the fastest way to get to Siam Square. You can also ride the MRT, the Airport Rail Link and the BRT Sathon-Ratchaphruek Line, all of which will take you to different routes, of course prices will vary.

Fares for BTS Skytrain: Fares ranges from 15 – 50 TBH depending on how far you’re travelling. You might opt to buy a stored – value card that costs around 100 TBH if you’re going to different places, this is like a ride all you can ticket. This is recommended if you want to skip lines or if you’re going to different zones in a day. If the credit runs out you can just purchase or load up your card.

The methods of purchasing tickets in other railway lines are similar to the BTS Skytrain. Just make sure to know where you’re going, plan accordingly and be wary of your belongings as there are a lot of pickpocketing incidents especially during rush hours.

Traveling by Buses

Local buses in Bangkok are one of the cheapest transportation to get you around the city, but it is also perhaps the most challenging. This is because sometimes the buses changes routes just to get away from traffic. Even the locals themselves are having a hard time figuring out what route the bus will take. Make sure that you know where you’re going and know alternative ways to get to your destination in case the bus goes a different way. Many buses are also not air – conditioned (which is why it’s cheap). 

Traveling by Boats and River Taxis

            There are two main boat lines in Bangkok; these are the Chao Phraya Express Boat and the Saen Saep Express Boat. It’s a great way to enjoy the scenery of the city! Most tourists go around in Bangkok through having scheduled boat trips. The Chao Phraya Express Boat is the cheapest boat ride that looks a lot like an aquatic bus. It has different stops along the river as well. Since you’re a tourist, you might want to take the blue – flagged boat because it offers English commentary and has a fixed route. It usually costs around 40 TBH. If you choose the orange – flagged boat (public boat/working boat) you don’t need to buy a ticket but it doesn’t offer any commentaries.

The Saen Saep Express Boat are also cheap, the only difference is the routes it takes. This boat line will take you to different neighborhoods of Bangkok, it’s safe and it’s also an alternative for commuters going to work. The cost is 10 – 20 TBH, you might want to press the bell button ahead of time or whenever you’re nearing the next pier station because some boats don’t dock on it if no one is getting off.

            You can also take the so – called River Taxi if you wanted to have a sort of personalized trip with your friends or family. Better brush up your haggling skills though because some drivers charge high prices for foreigners. Just be respectful when doing so.

Traveling by Taxi and Motorbike Taxis

            You can ride the normal cab or the motorbike taxi in Bangkok. The metered taxis are quite cheap and also comfortable especially if there’s traffic. All taxis are metered and air – conditioned. The fee starts at 35 TBH and trips across the city can cost more or less 100 TBH. Don’t get in the taxi if the driver insists that meter shouldn’t be used because the destination is just nearby. Get out if the driver takes you to a different route as well (especially if you’re not familiar with that route). It’s up to you on how much tip you’ll give, it usually depends on how far the trip is.

            Riding motorbike taxis or so – called motosai cabbies could also be an alternative if the area you’re going to is heavily congested. They can easily and quickly cut the short trip and perhaps in a fun and exciting way! The motosai cabbies usually wear yellow – orange and sometimes red vests. They don’t necessarily have a transport station, but they are usually found in busy places – usually where there’s lots of traffic. It can cost anywhere from 5 to 20 TBH but it doesn’t travel long distances, though it’s a best alternative especially for one – way streets.

Traveling by Tuk – Tuk

            Tuk – tuks are the signature commuter vehicle in Bangkok and all of Thailand. These are tricycles that can take you to nearby destinations and to some extent other far – flung places in Bangkok’s neighborhood. It’s usually a 5 to 10 minute ride but can get longer if there’s heavy traffic.

            You might want to hail a tuk – tuk that are in the main road, sometimes they’re also parked in tourist spots. Before riding though, it’s best to know where you’re headed because tuk – tuk drivers are quite notorious in disrupting travel plans. Agree with your intended destination and the route as well as the fare before getting in. If you’re an all-male party, make sure to insist on your destination because sometimes drivers automatically bring male passengers to brothels.

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