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How to go Madame Tussauds Bangkok? If you desire to see a screen of life-sized figures from popular leaders to movie actors and also various other sports legends. In situations you do not recognize, really, this wax museum is a premier tourist attraction in Bangkok including an impressive collection of lifelike figures. How to go Madame Tussauds Bangkok? Here, you can take images of these impressive artworks and also acquire some take-home mementos. How to go Madame Tussauds Bangkok? This overview will certainly help you obtain knowledge about the museum beforehand to make sure that you can maximize your browse through over there.

What’s in Madame Tussauds Bangkok?

Meet Some of the World’s Historic People

Diana, Princess of Wales

Lovely, kind, charitable, and also sophisticated– these are the well-liked attributes of Diana, Princess of Wales. Her life mainly focused on charity works, making her the most cherished princess of perpetuity, also after her death.

Field Marshal Plaek Phibunsongkhram 

Being in service for 15 years, Field Marshal Plaek Phibunsongkhram is considered as the longest-serving official of Thailand; due to the fact that of his substantial service, he has actually been among the crucial individuals of nation’s economic development.

Mahatma Gandhi 

His way of transformation has constantly been historic; it did not include any type of sort of violence and also misuse. Rather, Mahatma Gandhi focused on tranquil resistance that caused the effective independence of India from British control.

Mao Zedong 

Called as the father and also liberator of modern-day China, Mao Zedong served the country from 1949 to 1976. As a result of this administration as a communist chairman, he has come to be one of the most notable and powerful Chinese leaders.

Mom Rajawongse Seni Pramoj 

For 3 times, Mommy Rajawongse Seni Pramoj was assigned as the Head of state of Thailand. Apart from being a public slave, a lawyer, and also a teacher, he was additionally component of the Thai nobility. He was a follower of King Rama II.


As the initial head of state of Indonesia, Sukarno was an outstanding leader that regulated the nation in the direction of flexibility from the Netherlands. He served the country from 1945 to 1967 and was understood to be the head of the country’s nationalist activity.

Buddhadasa Bhikkhu 

Buddhadasa Bhikkhu is greater than simply a Thai monk. He was additionally a preferred, modern re-interpreter of Buddhism in the nation. With his reliable teachings, he has actually reshaped the typical assumption of Thai people beliefs.

Check Out the Top Leaders of the World

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama

The power couple, Barack Obama as well as Michelle Obama, is one of one of the most exceptional leaders in American background. Barack Obama, particularly, was the head of state of the United States for 13 years, from 2009 to 2017.

Xi Jinping and Peng Liyuan

An additional pair that graces your visit to the museum is Xi Jinping as well as Peng Liyuan. Both have actually been wed for greater than three years. Xi Jinping is currently the head of state of individuals’s Republic of China.

Aung San Suu Kyi 

Despite having her seniority, Aung San Suu Kyi remains to amaze individuals all over the world. With her non-violent way of bringing freedom, she has become a highly-respected Burmese political leader as well as a Nobel Peace Prize victor.

How to Get to Madame Tussauds Bangkok?

Via BTS Skytrain 

How to go Madame Tussauds Bangkok? Choose the BTS Skytrain if you want to conserve cash without sacrificing ease. This is the most inexpensive yet comfiest means to get to the Madame Tussauds Bangkok.

Step #1: The nearest BTS Stations to this museum are Siam BTS Station (Exit 1) and National Stadium BTS Station (Exit 3).

Step#2: Simply alight from one of the above-mentioned BTS Stations, then walk your way to Madame Tussauds Bangkok.

Step #3: The attraction is conveniently located inside Siam Discovery shopping mall, on the 6th floor.


How to go Madame Tussauds Bangkok? If you are staying near an MRT station, you can also maximize this mode of transportation.

Step #1: Just hop aboard the MRT going to Silom MRT Station/ Sukhumvit MRT Station/ Chatuchak Park MRT Station.

Step#2: Right after, transfer to the BTS Skytrain and follow the same steps noted on option 1.

Via Public Bus

How to go Madame Tussauds Bangkok? If you’re not shut to an MRT station is to take the public bus, another choice. You have lots of options for this public transportation, consisting of Public Bus 16, 25, 73, 79, 204, 501, or 508. All these have a stopover at Siam Apotheosis Bus Quit. And, the Bus Stop is just a walking distance to Siam Exploration shopping center.

Via Taxi

How to go Madame Tussauds Bangkok? Take a taxi if you desire to get to Madame Tussauds Bangkok as quickly as you can. Just notify the cabby to drop you at Siam Discovery mall. From there, you simply take either the elevator or escalator to Degree 6.


How to go Madame Tussauds Bangkok? Madame Tussauds Bangkok is a premier destination that is worth your time and also money! This renowned vacationer area collects all your much-loved celebrities as well as characters in one museum. If you desire to satisfy your favourites (at the very least their wax figures), this is absolutely a must-visit.

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