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How to go to Safari World Bangkok? By beginning your journey to the zoo in the morning, you can meet the pets in their most active state. And also, given that you require a complete day to see all tourist attractions and also prominent shows, it’s practical to begin in the morning. How to go to Safari World Bangkok? The Safari Park opens the globe of wild animals, which includes feeding shows for lions as well as tigers through coach bus. On the other hand, the Marine Park comes with numerous magnificent programs, including giraffe feeding. And also rather than riding a bus, you can discover around Marine Park as well as satisfy various other pets walking. In this article, you’ll learn how to go to Safari World Bangkok?

Visitor Information

Safari Park
Adult: 1,000 Thai Baht
Child (Aged 2 – 12 and 100 – 140 cm Tall): 900 Thai Baht

Marine Park
Adult: 1,300 Thai Baht
Child (Aged 2 – 12 and 100 – 140 cm Tall): 1,100 Thai Baht

Safari Park and Marine Park:
Adult: 1,500 Thai Baht
Child (Aged 2 – 12 and 100 – 140 cm Tall): 1,400 Thai Baht

If you buy your tickets from the ticketing counter at Safari World, the picture above shows the prices.

Though you can purchase the Safari World tickets from the ticketing counter, these are much pricier contrasted to acquiring online. If you want to save cash, after that obtain your tickets in breakthrough through online to obtain substantial price cuts. You can appreciate an optimum of 43% discount price! Since both Safari Park as well as Marine Park is situated in the same location, benefit from these 2 amazing parks.

Step by Step Guide on How to Get to Safari World Bangkok

How to go to Safari World Bangkok? Once you’ve chosen to go to Safari Globe Bangkok, you’re offered 3 transportation choices, with downtown Bangkok as the starting factor. Below, I’ll supply some suggestions for you to reach Safari World Bangkok in various methods.

Via BTS Train and Public Bus 

How to go to Safari World Bangkok? If you get on a tight budget plan, you may wish to consider this cheap transport option. Nonetheless, do make note that you’ll have to designate a minimum of 2 hrs to get to Safari Globe from Bangkok centre. There’s no straight BTS or MRT train going to Safari World, so you require to take the train. After, jump aboard the public bus. Therefore, this may be the most affordable yet likewise the slowest way to go to the park.

Refer to the step-by-step guide below to go to Safari World Bangkok via BTS train, then public bus:

Step #1: Take the Sukhumvit Line to Mo Chit BTS Station.

Step #2: The next step is if you’re coming from Mo Chit BTS Station, go out the Exit 1 or 3.

Step #3: Hop on the Bus No. 26 going to Fashion Island Shopping Mall.

Step #4: Get off at Fashion Island Shopping Mall.

Step #5: Take Bus No. 197 to Safari World Bus Stop.

Step #6: From the Safari World Bus Stop, walk around 10 minutes to Safari Word Bangkok.

Via Taxi

How to go to Safari World Bangkok? The 2nd choice is by taking a taxi to Safari World Bangkok. This is the comfortable and also fastest way to reach the park. This is also the most expensive, considering the website traffic jam in Bangkok. If you’re preparing to take a cab, better check with the driver first if their meter is working. If not or if they refuse to use the taxi meter, locate an additional one – it’s far better risk-free than sorry.

Via Direct Shuttle Bus

How to go to Safari World Bangkok? The 3rd choice is the straight shuttle bus from downtown Bangkok to Safari Globe Bangkok. This air-con trip is not simply one of the most convenient yet likewise the safest mode of transportation. It’s because this shuttle solution already consists of Safari Globe access ticket.

Super hassle-free

If you desire much less travel time as well as much less anxiety, after that the shuttle bus is the answer.

Straight transportation

Compared to the very first alternative, there’s no need to walk from the designated bus stop to the Safari World entryway.

Skip the crowded public bus

Often than not, the general public bus can obtain also crowded, especially during peak hrs.

Avoid taxi fraud

Regretfully, there are cab driver who do not utilize their meter. Rather, they would certainly provide you fixed as well as greater rate.

Miss the ticketing counter line up at Safari World

Considering that the shuttle bus currently consists of entrance ticket for Safari World, no requirement to align at the ticketing counter.

Protected, comfortable, as well as inexpensive

Most of all, the shuttle bus is less expensive than taking a taxi and also much more secure than taking the general public bus.

So, you simply jump aboard, loosen up, and prepare yourself for an exciting day at Safari World.

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