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When it comes to Thailand’s culture; the people of Thailand are very indigenous though you can find major ethnic minorities like Thai – Chinese in the whole country. Muslims are usually around the Malaysian border while other religious groups like the Hmong and Karen are native northerners. Thailand’s culture involves the country’s most dominant religion is called the Theravada Buddhism wherein it was being practiced by 95% of the population. Other religion aside from Buddhism and Islam are Christianity, Confucianism, and Hinduism as well as so – called animist faiths. In this article, you’ll learn all about Thailand’s culture

Thailand’s Culture: Religion

As mentioned earlier, most of Thai people practice a different kind of Buddhism. The Theravada Buddhism is relatively close to its Indian roots and is mostly emphasizing monasticism. Temples in Bangkok and most of Thailand are locally known as wats. The temples are usually cover with gold or a multicolored façade. It can be easily identified because of its pointy roof and ornate structure. Young Thais particularly the males also practice a common rite by becoming a monk (typically wears orange robes) for a period of about three months. 

You might notice that most houses or small to medium and sometimes even large business establishments have a so – called spirit house. This is an old tradition before Buddhism became the country’s religion. It is said to house spirits so that they won’t disturb households or cause bad lucks. Usually the bigger the house or building, the larger the spirit house; it’s also usually placed in a spot that are believed to be unlucky.


When it comes to art, Bangkok and most places in Thailand have retained many of its popular tradition in the fields of dance, music, and boxing (Muay Thai). Muay Thai is one of the most popular sports in the world and is categorized under the mixed martial arts discipline.

Thai people in general are respectful, polite and have great demeanor. You can greet them by joining both palms like you’re in a prayer mode and slightly bowing to them. You might also want to brush up some Thai language so you can better communicate with the locals. Most young people can speak little English but they are not that fluent.  

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