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So you have finally reached completion in visiting Bangkok, Thailand’s most awe-inspiring temples. You are also gone shopping until you drop on various malls and markers; and you have also finished eating a pile of tasteful street foods, touring museums and art galleries now what? If you’re eyeing to spend nights in Bangkok; Thailand in a complete slumber of sleep; then you are missing out and not making the most out of your trip. Below is the list of exciting places to go in the City of Angels after the sun has set. These places all in all will make you appreciate the beloved country and make you want to never leave it.


Bangkok, Thailand is the home of the world’s biggest Chinatown; thus you must take advantage of the fun and energy it certainly possesses. Come nightfall, the streets of this lively place come burning with incredible eats to tantalize your taste buds. Want to have a seafood fix? Head to Yaowarat Road in the evening, where you’ll enjoy everything; starting from stir-fried crab up to sweet and sour shrimp. For a quick sweet fix, indulge in a piping hot sesame dumpling, and other interestingly tasteful baked goods. 

Excluding its wonderful food offers, Bangkok’s Thailand Chinatown also holds great cultural spots. It has two temples, the Wat Traimit and Wat Mangkok, the two of which hold great historical and solemn architecture that you’ll greatly appreciate. Aside from that; this place also is a very vibrant spot for street art; where you’ll be fascinated with arresting illustrations. 

Khao San Road

Next on the list is one of Bangkok’s most popular nightlife spots, and is greatly appreciated by backpackers. This place has bars with pumping tunes, live music alongside very delicious places to eat. It gets better as it also holds stalls selling cheap yet wonderful clothes and kitchen souvenirs. To relax, indulge in this place’s massage shops too! You’ll come alive in this place; going with your friends is greatly encouraged as dull is never on the vocabulary of Khao San Road. 

Rambuttri Village

Resembling Khao San Road, this place is rather watered down and more likable for people with a grown-up vibe. The bar plays a range of tunes, including European and American hits; and they host live bands belting out renditions of trending songs at the moment. Whether you are eying for an ice-cold beer; maybe a glass of Thai whiskey and soda, or cocktails that are as vibrant as your soul, Rambuttri village’s bars are aimed to please everyone, you’ll have a blast, for sure. 


Next on the list is a place for nightclubbing enthusiasts. This place very much comes alive; and is great fun because of how it attracts a mixture of Thai high society, together with ex-pats and tourists. When you are in RCA; you’ll drop everything and join everyone together to dance on their stage, shaking into the hottest tunes. Expect to have many swanky drinks, a bomb sound system, and awesome lights and lasers, and you’ll be thrilled. 


Feeling energized and wanting to reminisce about your childhood? Patpong is the perfect place for kids at heart, adults. Here, you’ll be expecting ping pong shows, go-go bars, coyote dancers, and beer bars that promote laid-back entertainment like gaming. It is very shopaholic friendly too. 

Soi Cowboy

Despite having a reputation for adult entertainment; Soi Cowboy can be a perfect hang-out space for people who are not seeking active nighttime exercise. This place is quiet, perfect for chilling and watching the world go by. 

Nana Plaza

One of the Bangkok’s grittiest red-light districts, Nana Plaza is the perfect place for a large number of friends to get together. The music played is relatable and loud, the lights are brilliant and there are lots of eye-catching outfits. 


Thonglor is a place where it dictates a classier vibe than Thailand red-light districts and those looking for budget drinking areas. It holds everything from fancy wine bars, chic cocktail spots as well as swanky restaurants that aid in giving a huge selection of global cuisines. There are also clubbing bar options if you love to dance. It is definitely one of this country’s most stylish and most sophisticated palaces. 


Hipster hangouts are what you’ll be getting if you book a ticket next to it. It is one of the best hipster hangouts in Bangkok. While the night scene here is relatively low-key, if you’re looking for someplace to appreciate alternative music, sip an exhibition of craft beers, find wonderful vegan food, and mingle with like-minded souls, Ekkamai is a great place for you’ll appreciate. 


Located at Thailand riverside, Asiatique is a cool place for your perfect and lively evening fun. It is the home to a large open-air entertainment complex, a mall, and a market that only open itself to the public at 5 pm, daily. The Ferris wheel is something everyone should experience as it offers the chance to admire Bangkok’s bright lights like no other. Asiatique is an overlooked place where there are many places to eat, drink and shop, so if you’re a foodie or a shopaholic, you will be pleased with the great array of options. 

Moreover, stores and stalls here tend to fixate on higher – end brands, as well as designer products. You’ll greatly find everything under the sun, from fashion, literature, to electronics alongside souvenirs. Impressively, you can also watch a traditional Thai puppet show, at Bangkok’s Joe Louis Theater, securing appreciation for Thailand’s rich culture. 

Ready to come and feel alive in the nights of the Land of Smiles? 

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