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Want to know how to travel to Bangkok? Exploring Bangkok has never been easier and more convenient since it is also following the technological trends that have been driving most leading cities. Want to know how to travel to Bangkok? And because the country is consistently innovating to cope up with the world’s rapidly changing pace; tourists and locals alike can expect lots of great ways in navigating the city. Want to know how to travel to Bangkok? You can ride their metro and sky train systems, buses, motorbike systems, taxis; and you can also enjoy a scenic view of the Chao Praya River by riding through the city’s riverboat transportation.

Bangkok: Thailand’s City of Angels

Bangkok the capital of Thailand also known as; the City of Angels is situated at the Chao Praya River in the center of Thailand is home to about more than 8 million people. The main language spoken is Thai and the country’s official currency is a called a Baht.

It’s a bustling and quite humid 24 hour metropolis that never sleeps that draws locals; and tourists all over the world. The city also has a reputation for its vibrant street life, amazing temples, go – go bars, thriving nightlife; muay thai and the home of one the world’s most popular energy drink – Red Bull.

If you’re looking to shop, Bangkok is tough to beat because there’s always something for everyone. You can shop ‘til you drop as the city’s major malls, top fashion stores; and shopping places are all located in one place! If you wanted to experience a more authentic, and should I say a more local way of buying stuff; you can visit their world renowned floating markets located just outside of the city where you can buy many cheap and authentic products made by the natives of Thailand – and to top it all off, you’re shopping while floating!

If you’re the party – goer type or just someone who wanted to get to know the locals around; I highly recommend you go out and explore the city at night to experience the hustle and bustle of Thailand. The main religion and spiritual practice in Bangkok is Buddhism; it’s very evident because of the many ancient and modern temples and religious sites around the city. Even though Bangkok is a city rich in history; it also has a “modern side” as what all great thriving cities have. The city today is an array of sleek; and stylish establishments filled with towering skylines similar to that of New York, Hong Kong or Singapore.

Bangkok Backpackers

Want to know how to travel to Bangkok? Bangkok is a mecca for backpackers who wanted to find lots of cheap restaurants, street food, bars, and nightclubs. Not to mention all the historical places, the marvelous architectures; and the vibrant energy and engaging locals that this city is made up of. With its all year round sunny weather; it’s easy to imagine why Bangkok is quickly becoming one of the busiest and most promising cities in the world.

What to Expect

The city of Bangkok started out as a small trading post near the shores of the Chao Phraya River. It became Siam’s capital (former name of Thailand) around 1782 when King Rama I, first royalty during the Chakri dynasty; declared it as such right after the Burmese invaders burned the city of Ayutthaya; fortunately these Burmese invaders wasn’t successful in conquering the city; had it been that way, Bangkok will not evolved into what it is today.  Since then; the city became known as the city of angels and had become a sort of national treasure for Thai people and the country of Thailand. It became the center for cultural, financial, political, economic and diplomatic affairs. Now, it is one of Thailand’s major powerhouses that drives its economic growth.

Bangkok Tourists

Tourists coming from both the east and the west will surely enjoy their trip because the city offers the best of both worlds. There’s actually more to Thailand’s capital that meets the eye. If this is your first time traveling in the city or in the country; you’ll probably be quite fascinated with the so – called Thai mentality that makes up the city. Thai’s sort of have a quintessential personality; which is probably the reason why Bangkok is a lively hub of fun filled activities; that you will not quite experience in other countries particularly in the west. You’ll immediately get this feeling once you step foot in the city.

Want to know how to travel to Bangkok? Bangkok is often misled because of its naughty nightlife, intense humidity levels, messy; and overcrowded streets and its super congested roads because of heavy traffic. All these may not impress you at first because this is what tourists most likely see upon arriving in this beautiful city. Don’t let that stop you from enjoying the city of angels; after all it won’t have that kind of reputation if it was in fact similar to hell would it?

Bangkok is one of Asia’s busiest cosmopolitan places that have something for everyone. It’s a thriving city with an unforgettable atmosphere; and filled with surprises that await any curious mind in almost every corner. As long as you’re open to fresh experiences; you’ll surely have a great time and will not be easily fooled by the sometimes overwhelming urban life façade.

What You Need to Know

Want to know how to travel to Bangkok? The people of Thailand are very indigenous though you can find major ethnic minorities like Thai – Chinese in the whole country. Muslims are usually around the Malaysian border while other religious groups like the Hmong and Karen are native northerners. Other religion aside from Buddhism and Islam are Christianity, Confucianism, and Hinduism as well as so – called animist faiths.

Most of Thai people practice a different kind of Buddhism. The Theravada Buddhism is relatively close to its Indian roots and is mostly emphasizing monasticism. Temples in Bangkok and most of Thailand are locally known as wats. The temples are usually cover with gold or a multicolored façade. Young Thais particularly the males also practice a common rite by becoming a monk (typically wears orange robes) for a period of about three months. 

When it comes to art; Bangkok and most places in Thailand have retained many of its popular tradition in the fields of dance, music, and boxing (Muay Thai). Muay Thai is one of the most popular sports in the world; and is categorized under the mixed martial arts discipline. Thai people in general are respectful, polite and have great demeanor. You can greet them by joining both palms like you’re in a prayer mode and slightly bowing to them. You might also want to brush up some Thai language so you can better communicate

Bangkok Dishes You Should Try

Nai Soey Beef Noodles

Finding a noodle soup seems easy to find in the city as there are many food carts and restaurants that serve different types of noodles but finding a good delicious Thai beef noodle soup is not! This is where Nai Soey Beef Noodles specializes in! I suggest you go for the beef tenderloin noodles for just 100 TBH. You can even add in some beef balls and also offal. They also serve different beverages like the pickled plum juice, chrysanthemum teas, Chinese – Style iced coffee; and also classic Thai iced teas. The restaurant has been broiling beef for over 40 years already! Now that proves something, don’t forget to try their signature noodles!

Baan Paa Jazz

If you’re staying in the Rangnam area and if you wanted to eat in a place that offers quite exquisite dishes then Baan Paa Jazz should be in your priority list! This restaurant is mostly about the food and not the ambiance although the place is artistic; and aesthetic in a way because you can see that the walls are covered with all sorts of different stuff much like a scrapbook of a weird artsy person. The restaurant is quite famous because the chefs are sizzling up the food in front of the customers; so it’s kind of like a fancy chef show before the main course.

Krua Muang Ling

If you’re the type of person who loves a ‘kick’ out of every food you eat then make sure you stop by at the Krua Muang Ling food cart. This food cart specializes not just in spicy foods but also dishes that make Thai cuisine standout. They serve grilled chicken called gai yang, spicy pork neck salad called nam tok muu; and their signature tam tuea which is a long bean salad that are both spicy and salty. The hotness of these spicy dishes will surely kick you right in the nose as soon as you eat them; make sure to prepare yourself for the bursting combination of the delicious and intense flavors of their Thai dishes. They also offer variety of seafood dishes sautéed with Thai basil and brown sauce garlic. Seafood dishes also come in with a slice of cabbage, chili; fried garlic sauce and chili – lime that will surely make your taste buds go nuts!

Must See Bangkok Tourist Spots

The Royal Grand Palace

The Grand Palace was originally built around 1782 were the Thai King, the Royal Court and the Thai of government ruled for over 150 years. It is the grandest and oldest dame in Bangkok that continues to attract visitors from around the world and leave everyone in awe because of its marvelous architecture, sophistication, concept and intricate details. All of which shows the talent of the Thai people when it comes to craftsmanship and brilliant creativity. It also used to house the Thai state departments and war ministry as well as the mint.

Floating Markets

There are three floating markets in Bangkok that you could go into namely; Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market, Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, Amphawa Floating Market. This is perhaps one of the highlights in Bangkok that you should definitely not pass up. The floating market vendors sells tropical fruits, fresh – veggies, coconut juice that are ready to drink; as well as Thai food cooked from floating kitchens either on a boat or on the platform found in the market. You can learn about how floating markets began in Thailand if you avail a guided boat tour; you might also learn a thing or two about haggling, unfortunately it’s only available in the Damnoen Saduak floating market.

Dusit Palace

Dusit palace was originally built in 1897 until 1901. It’s originally called Dusit Garden during King Rama V’s reign but was later named to Dusit Palace by King Rama VI. The palace has a European style structure and served as the Royal compound back in those days. The wooden mansion has 31 exhibition rooms including throne room, bedrooms and bathroom. This is the former residence of King Rama V; he’s the one who stopped slavery in Siam (now Thailand).

Giant Swing

The Giant Swing is a symbol of a myth from India and the Hindu religion which came to Thailand about 1,500 years ago. It also symbolizes an origin mythology that’s why it’s located in the Wat Suthat temple. Giant swings were believed to be part of a religious thinking; or beliefs in Hinduism because these symbols have been around since the 14th century at the time of ancient Sukhothai.

In Summary

Want to know how to travel to Bangkok? The city of Bangkok have changed for the better; it’s modern landmarks, it’s new and improved transportation systems, it’s vibrant and culturally engaging hot spots; and its people’s desire for change, innovation and progress all contributed to advance the city further and make it one of the leading cities in Asia. The roots and rich history of power, dynasty; religion culture and tradition where Bangkok and its country of Thailand stands is what keeps this place going for the next generations to come. Check out this video below for more Bangkok travel tips:

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