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Where to go in Bangkok for solo travel? If you are a little nervous about traveling alone, don’t worry. Not only is Bangkok one of the safest cities in the world, it is also one of the most interesting places to go to when doing a solo travel. Where to go in Bangkok for solo travel? It’s also an easy place to meet other solo travelers and once you get to Bangkok, you will wonder why you left it so long to visit. In this article, you’ll learn where to go in Bangkok for solo travel?

Hot Spots in Bangkok for Solo Travel

Where to go in Bangkok for solo travel? There are certain spots that you can go to for any solo travel. Here are some top hot spots for you!

Hot Spot #1

Where to go in Bangkok for solo travel? First stop is Khao San Road. This is a very tacky place that’s nothing more than a backpacker heaven but it is a great place to get yourself acclimatized when you first arrive in Bangkok especially if you want to meet other solo travelers.

What to Do

Where to go in Bangkok for solo travel? Make sure to eat the street food, and drink that Thai beer! You should also hang out in bars and cafes on Khao San Road with other travelers. This is where you can get some excellent tips on the best places in the area.

It’s also best to stay in the area at Nap Park Hostel especially if you want to know some solo travelers. If you want some form of privacy, then you can check out the Zen Rooms. It won’t cost you that much and you can also get a nice and comfy room.

Hot Spot #2

Where to go in Bangkok for solo travel? Literally some of the best and cheapest food in the world, Bangkok street food is everywhere on every block! Thais have some of the best food in Bangkok. There are stalls and restaurants everywhere that sell anything from street foods to traditional Thai dishes. You can also buy cut fruits, snacks, desserts, and pretty much all the food you can think of! The food is safe, dirt cheap and savory.

At a typical street stall, you can buy a plate of Thai food for just a dollar or two. The food is fresh, traditional Thai and always delicious. You can also buy a bottle of water, a Coke or a beer for just a few baht more.

What to Do

Where to go in Bangkok for solo travel? What to eat at a Thai street stall will give you some ideas of dishes to look for. Make sure you to try everything especially the best street food in Bangkok — choose a stall that is popular with Thais, as Thais will never eat at a street stall serving food that doesn’t taste very good.

Hot Spot #3

Where to go in Bangkok for solo travel? If you want to get good stuff at a bargain then this market is the right place for you. If it is raining, better to avoid Chatuchak market completely. The narrow alleys flood, the corrugated iron roofs leak like a colander, and everybody scuttles for cover you won’t have a good time shopping for sure. Pedestrian traffic grinds to a halt and you will find yourself stuck sheltering in some roof crammed with others. Better to just go to indoor malls if it’s a rainy day.

Where to go in Bangkok for solo travel? You can ride the sky train because this iconic market is located just next to the Mo Chit station and it’s quite easy to get to. There are two stops for you to get off into if you use their MRT underground train. The first one is the Chatuchak Park and the second one is Kamphaeng Phet station.

This market is open on weekends starting from Friday night all the way through Saturday and Sunday – whole day. You can also go there early at around 7 am but there aren’t much to see until around 9 am since most stalls are just opening up right about that time. However if you want to try out some food stalls, there are some that open up early. You can shop until 7 pm, and you can expect that around 9 pm, most stalls are already close. However there are some dining places and bars that stay open until midnight.

What to Do

Where to go in Bangkok for solo travel? The market is a circular shape. This means it’s quite easy to get around it in that motion. There is a street that runs in a circle from one side of the market all the way around and back. Stalls and alleys then run off this street in all directions. If you head into the middle bit and keep going, you’ll eventually arrive straight through it and back onto the circular street on the other side. There are also policemen everywhere who speak enough English usually that you can ask for directions if you get lost.

Hot Spot #4

Where to go in Bangkok for solo travel? A popular spot among the solo traveler is the Grand Palace. This is an opulent and incredibly beautiful palace and temple complex that’s quite famous for tourists. This is where you can also see the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, which houses a stunningly beautiful Buddha statue carved from one enormous emerald.

What to Do

Where to go in Bangkok for solo travel? Keep in mind that you to be appropriately dressed for a temple. Don’t worry if you don’t have “temple clothes” because the officials will make you rent clothes so you can get in. Bes to get there early as, after about 10.30 am, it is unbelievably crowded.

Hot Spot #5

Love to shop? Then make sure to head to Mahboonkrong shopping mall. This place is known by the locals as MBK. This is where you can get the best bargain in the area. This is also a great place for someone traveling alone in Bangkok because it’s easily accessible and can also get you occupied for hours, and have lots of food shops around that you can try.

What to Do

Where to go in Bangkok for solo travel? This is a great place to find the best food stalls especially if you go to the upper level. In addition to having many options to choose from, it’s also dirt cheap. You can also chill out in their bowling alley and a multi-screen movie theater.

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